BIKESA™ (BIKESANANTONIO) is the alternative transportation system for San Antonio. Created in 1991, the BIKESA™ system minimizes the interfacing of bicycles and motorized vehicular traffic. The BIKESA™ routes are documented in the successful 1992 ISTEA grant proposal. This proposal indicates a specific outer circular “wheel” linking the Salado Creek greenway, parks, creeks and city-owned properties surrounding San Antonio. A downtown “Central Hub” with 4 radiating spokes is further indicated. The “South Spoke” has been implemented as the Mission Trails Parkway. Portions of the “North Spoke” have been constructed under Hwy. 281 and parallel with Avenue B. Sections of the “West Spoke” near Woodlawn Lake have been constructed. The “East Spoke” will link the Alamodome, Coliseum, AT&T Center and connect with the circular wheel “Outer Rim” at Salado Creek. The partially elevated downtown “Central Hub” will provide a safe route for citizens, tourists, and competitive sporting events like the Olympics and “Tour de SA™”.

More published BIKESA™ and BIKESANANTONIO system route documentation may be found at