Patent Assembly Line

At TEXPOSITION we know how difficult it is to develop your idea from a “drawing on a napkin” all the way to a patented manufactured product.

The creative mind needs protecting and nurturing.

TEXPOSITION has a novel patent assembly line which protects the inventor and helps with every step of the new product development process.  There is no other system like ours in the world.

Do not divulge your idea to us or to anybody.

  1. Write and draw a report of invention and title the page “REPORT of INVENTION”. Date it with the day, month, year, hour and minute which the idea was born in your creative mind. Have a trusted witness date, print and sign their name on the page. Keep a notebook/journal like a “bluebook” where the pages cannot be torn out.
  2. Do not divulge your ideas to us or anyone.
  3. Contact us to enter the protected patent assembly line system. Do not include your idea in the submittal.
  4. We have patent attorneys to help with your patent application.